Sahla Hospital

Sahla Hospital

Sahla Hospital

Sahla Hospital

Sahla Hospital

Address of Sahla Hospital

10 Baghdad St., off Al-Iskandarani Street - in front of the Faculty of Science - Muharram Bey - Alexandria
Moharram Baik Alexandria

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Sahla Hospital is located in front of the old Faculty of Science building in the Muharram Bey neighborhood, which was formerly known as a military hospital during the previous world wars, due to its distinguished location and its proximity to the main train station in Alexandria.

Sahla Hospital was established in 2015 by Dr. Salah Abed Rabbo with a mix of elite doctors who participated in making Sahla Hospital the well-known healthcare brand in Alexandria and Egypt.

Sahla Hospital is an integrated medical edifice in the center of Alexandria that provides the best medical service under the supervision of elite professors

Sahla Hospital Emergency is equipped with a team of emergency doctors and nurses ready and ready to deal with critical cases
They are assisted by a team of surgeons, orthopedics, internal medicine and intensive care doctors, 24 hours a day

Sahla Hospital is characterized by having the fastest response to ambulance and emergency patients, with an ambulance equipped with all equipment and a respirator

And the presence of a team of doctors and paramedics trained to deal with and transfer the most dangerous cases

During the design of Sahla Hospital Care, it was taken into account that it is divided into suites, each wing contains a maximum of 3 beds, in addition to individual suites, which reduces noise in the intensive care unit, and all suites have windows, allowing sunlight to enter when needed during the day, which helps To perceive and improve the level of awareness of patients

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