When you have a health problem, you need to immediately go to the hospital to solve that problem quickly, so we always look for the best hospitals and the most skilled doctors, and what distinguishes a hospital from others is the rate of development of its equipment, the skill of its doctors, and the diversity of its specialized clinic.

Al-Eqbal Hospital

Al-Eqbal Hospital is one of the national medical institutions serving the city of Alexandria since 2014. It was established in Loran in the center of Alexandria based on a set of foundations and values ​​that aim to provide a distinguished health role for its customers in Alexandria and the neighboring governorates by providing medical services with an appropriate level of quality and within the framework of an economic dimension She is social and cannot be overlooked. She was helped by the experience of the management and the work team. Consequently, the services became distinguished and the prices were within the reach of all income levels for the citizens of Alexandria.

Al-Eqbal Hospital is distinguished by the availability of the latest technological technologies, especially in the surgical endoscopy departments - orthopedic cases - brain and nerves. The hospital's clients list included more than 60 institutions in different sectors, whether oil - banks - unions and other different sectors.

Al-Eqbal Hospital includes a distinguished elite of the most efficient doctors, professors and consultants in all medical specialties, at the highest level of workmanship and dedication to provide the highest level of service and health care for patients.

Over time, the hospital strives to become a medical center that provides a quality medical service, especially in the specialties that distinguish it from other hospitals.

The radiology department is characterized by the presence of a specialist doctor throughout the day and on holidays and official holidays in the care, nurseries and the internal section.

Mobile x-ray machines are also available to photograph patients in their places of residence in the internal department.

Al-Eqbal Hospital has 5 operating rooms equipped to perform operations with advanced skills.

The laboratories unit of Al-Eqbal Hospital operates 24 hours a day. It also provides all types of medical analyzes, including chemical analyzes, species analyzes and the analysis of surgical samples. It also provides a home-sampling service.

Al-Eqbal Hospital provides 6 nurseries equipped with artificial respirators, photodynamic therapy and CPAP devices.

Al-Eqbal Hospital has 2 working ambulances, which are considered a mobile intensive care unit within 24 hours

There is also an emergency doctor and a paramedic trained to deal with all critical cases in the ambulance while transporting patients

The pharmacy operates 24 hours a day and contains all local and imported medicines

Al-Eqbal Hospital has a nursing team at the highest level and trained to deal with critical cases and the most accurate specialties.

The internal department of Al-Eqbal Hospital consists of: distinct suites - premium first class room - first class room without facilities - first class shared room

Al-Eqbal Hospital provides the best medical services in all therapeutic specialties at the highest level and 24 hours a day

Al-Eqbal Specialized Clinics have been opened for pre-travel examination for gentlemen traveling to the Arab Gulf countries, including internal examination, ophthalmology, analyzes and x-rays required for travel certification.

Loran Hospital

Loran Hospital provides medical care to all clients through a group of professors and consultants and provide the best services for patient care in all specialties.

Loran Hospital seeks to always be the leader and the highest level in the field of medical care in the city of Alexandria and aims to provide an outstanding service in the areas of:

Quality of patient care and safety standards at the hospital level and improving standards of medical education in Alexandria.

The radiology department at Loran Hospital works all day for normal and critical cases.

Loran laboratories offer the latest medical equipment for accurate results.

The intensive care unit contains the latest ventilators.A center specialized in cardiac and brain catheterization, equipped with the latest equipment and technologies.

Loran Hospital is characterized by the presence of an emergency unit equipped with the latest medical equipment and supplies.

Alexandria Police Hospital

Alexandria Police Hospital contains most of the medical specialties, which are "heart - brain and nerves - digestive system and endoscopy - kidney medicine and surgery - orthopedics - joint and cartilage treatment - fracture clinic - internal medicine - urinary tract - general surgery - physical therapy for men and women - anti-smoking - rheumatism." "

The administration of Alexandria Police Hospital is keen to serve patients through attention, good care, good treatment, and distinguished medical care through a large selection of qualified doctors and specialists with good experience in their specialties, and they are assisted by efficient and active medical nursing, which helps to provide distinguished medical service to all patients.

Alexandria Police Hospital has a distinguished team of consultants and health care specialists with multiple experiences who are able to treat and follow up on all medical conditions and medical problems, even the most complex ones.

It also uses the latest medical devices and equipment with international technologies in the field of health care.
The hospital's emergency service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the pharmacy operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Andalusia Al Shalalat Hospital

Andalusia Al Shalalat Hospital for Medical Services in Egypt has been a pioneer in providing integrated medical care at the highest level since 2004, and its first goal is to take care of the health and safety of patients, through the continuous development of all its services.
Andalusia Al Shalalat Hospital always strives to present itself as one of the most important institutions for medical fields in the Middle East by raising the level of service and using the latest technologies in the world. It also works to transfer global expertise in the field of medicine while presenting the authentic Arab spirit.

Andalusia Al Shalalat Hospital belong to the Andalusia group for medical services, so the name Andalusia has always been synonymous with trust, dignity, luxury and excellence.
Andalusia Al Shalalat Hospital seeks the satisfaction of all patients, and the medical and administrative team works hard to achieve this, provide a better experience for patients and their families, and build a name that enjoys the trust and loyalty of patients.

Andalusia Al Shalalat Hospital has 108 beds including 23 ICU beds.
It has 5 operating rooms fully equipped with the latest equipment and technologies that specialize in various aspects.
Its services include 26 outpatient clinics, 8 operating rooms, an emergency room, an inpatient pharmacy, inpatient services, home care programs, and a health education center.

El Shorouk Hospital

El Shorouk Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Alexandria and has the best operating rooms in all of Alexandria.
It also has the most advanced neonatal unit and modern intensive care unit

The intensive care department at Al-Shorouk Hospital is ready throughout the week for 24 hours to receive emergency cases with the best medical staff for the critical medicine department
Al-Shorouk Hospital is distinguished by the availability of outpatient clinics in all specialties and by a selection of the most efficient doctors in Alexandria among specialists, consultants and professors at the university
The outpatient clinics at Al-Shorouk Hospital are characterized by varying appointments throughout the week and vary between morning and evening, so that you find most of the specialties available on a daily basis and around the clock.
El Shorouk Hospital lab is one of the leading laboratories in Alexandria and is characterized by laboratory service with accurate results and high speed with internationally approved mechanisms
Under the supervision of a group of specialized doctors, 24 hours a day
It is equipped with a set of modern devices, advanced technologies, and a fully automated system to avoid any human errors
We also offer the service of sending results via e-mail

Al-Safwa Hospital

Al-Safwa Hospital is one of the strongest medical edifices in Alexandria
The endoscopy unit at Al Safwa Hospital. The use of endoscopy is one of the latest medical technologies that have made a great leap in diagnosis and treatment. Endoscopic surgery does not require an overnight stay in the hospital, and it usually only takes about one hour to complete.

The orthopedic department at Al-Safwa Hospital provides the most advanced types of care in private hospitals in Alexandria and has a team of the highest level of qualification of consultants, specialists, deputies and resident doctors who have the latest and most advanced technology and can determine the best procedures for all orthopedic problems.
In the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Al Safwa Hospital, the doctors in the department take care of people with diseases of the ear, nose, dagger, and head and neck

The Internal Medicine Clinic at Al-Safwa Hospital provides a range of specialized quality services through the internal medicine specialist, to diagnose and treat internal diseases, and the services include early diagnosis of internal diseases and pre-treatment therapeutic intervention, drug therapy and follow-up of the diseased condition based on the treatment plan

Al-Safwa Hospital has the latest medical technology in operating rooms equipped at the highest level with the availability of the latest anesthesia devices and monitoring the patient’s health condition during operations.

Sahla Hospital

Sahla Hospital is located in front of the old Faculty of Science building in the Muharram Bey neighborhood, which was formerly known as a military hospital during the previous world wars, due to its distinguished location and its proximity to the main train station in Alexandria.

Sahla Hospital was established in 2015 by Dr. Salah Abed Rabbo with a mix of elite doctors who participated in making Sahla Hospital the well-known healthcare brand in Alexandria and Egypt.

Sahla Hospital is an integrated medical edifice in the center of Alexandria that provides the best medical service under the supervision of elite professors

Sahla Hospital Emergency is equipped with a team of emergency doctors and nurses ready and ready to deal with critical cases
They are assisted by a team of surgeons, orthopedics, internal medicine and intensive care doctors, 24 hours a day

Sahla Hospital is characterized by having the fastest response to ambulance and emergency patients, with an ambulance equipped with all equipment and a respirator

And the presence of a team of doctors and paramedics trained to deal with and transfer the most dangerous cases

During the design of Sahla Hospital Care, it was taken into account that it is divided into suites, each wing contains a maximum of 3 beds, in addition to individual suites, which reduces noise in the intensive care unit, and all suites have windows, allowing sunlight to enter when needed during the day, which helps To perceive and improve the level of awareness of patients

City Hospital

City Hospital opened in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Azmy Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and it is a private hospital that provides health and treatment services to the citizens of Alexandria and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the commitment is to provide high quality health care services for resident and visiting patients. This is what distinguishes City Hospital, and this was evident through the results and reports of the hospital's work since the opening and after the success of the trial run period.

Since its opening, City Hospital has enjoyed a prestigious position for its pioneering achievements in the field of providing health care services in this period, which enabled it to obtain the approval of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the license to work directly with the public.

City Hospital is always committed to all its facilities and departments - such as the emergency department, the intensive care unit, the ICSI unit, the neonatal unit, the radiology unit, the analysis lab, the operations unit (sterilized by capsule darkening and positive pressure), and the outpatient department by providing safe and effective health care for all patients.
City Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital equipped with VIP intensive care units.

It also contains 7 operating rooms for general surgery in all specialties and endoscopy.
All City Hospital employees are highly trained and have outstanding expertise in all specialties.
The hospital is characterized by the presence of an outpatient unit equipped at the highest level to receive all cases 24 hours a day to provide excellent medical service, where an integrated medical team of doctors and nursing receives cases and deals with them, including the department’s high-tech devices, and is served by the rest of the hospital’s departments, each in its specialization
It is also concerned with applying all daily precautionary measures to combat infection inside and outside the hospital

The outpatient department includes all specialties at the hands of the most efficient consultant professors, taking into account the hospital’s provision of an integrated medical service
The hospital offers the finest and latest specialized medical care, taking into account the comfort of patients

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