It is important to know that as people age, there are many diseases that can affect their body, but in particular, what is the relationship between gray hair and heart disease? We today through this article will give you the answer given on this subject from the opinion of specialists.


Between hair shave and arterial diseases


In a recent study conducted at Cairo University, it was revealed that the hair shaper is linked to the risk of growing heart disease due to damage to arteries that feed the heart with blood. In this study, researchers found that some mechanisms leading to coronary artery disease are also responsible for hair bleaching and hair loss.


Among the mechanisms that lead to graying are the decrease in DNA maintenance, oxidative stress, and other infections, which are characterized by hormonal changes and cellular growth. Based on this study, doctors say that arterial and hairy diseases occur through similar biological pathways and there may be a warning of increased risk of cardiovascular disease.


This study, conducted at Cairo University, was based on 545 men who underwent tests on the degree of hair bleaching and arterial relations. This study found that the high rate of hair bleaching is consistent with the proportion of damaged arteries.


But some doctors consider that there is a need for further research in this framework with the specialists of the skin to expand further in the subject and it is important to do the same study on women also. On the other hand, the association of the color of white hair with heart disease is large and is caused by aging. Here every person over forty is advised to perform heart tests regardless of the color of his hair.

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