Everyone dreams of getting bright white teeth free of any dark spots. The charming Hollywood smile is a fashion that needs to be kept in mind. There are many easy home-made natural ways to whiten teeth, which save large amounts on your pockets.


To achieve the dream of white teeth we offer to highlight the most proven natural recipes, which proved effective even though they are not medical or scientific.



You can use curcuma to prepare a natural mixture for teeth whitening and care, by adding a little with some salt and lemon juice and mix ingredients well and then do the teeth for 5 minutes a day and repeat for a week to get teeth whiteness.


Banana peel

Banana peel contains potassium, magnesium, and many minerals to clean the teeth. After cleaning the teeth, make banana teeth with banana peel and after two minutes rinse with water.


Guava leaves

Guava leaves can be used to prepare a natural mixture to obtain white teeth in a short time by grinding an appropriate amount of guava paper and adding it to toothpaste to wash the teeth daily to relieve gum infections and get pure white teeth.



Honey can be used to get white teeth in a short time by adding it to a little soda bicarbonate and washing the teeth daily with this mixture. This mixture is characterized by its ability to remove the yellow layer of teeth to get white teeth.


Coconut Oil

The fat found in coconut oil when mixed with saliva works to restore the white color of the teeth. The method of use is to heat the coconut oil in a steam bath until it dissolves and becomes liquid, then add baking soda and peppermint oil from five to ten points and then clean your teeth with this mixture .



Lemon juice helps to remove the yellow layer of teeth and to get white teeth. This is done with lemon juice after washing your teeth every day for a week.


the strawberry

Brush the strawberries well with baking soda and then brush your teeth with this mixture using a toothbrush to get great results.

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