A coma is a state of prolonged unconsciousness in which a person loses the ability to respond to the outer perimeter around it. It seems this person was sound asleep, but other than the principle of deep sleep is not possible to awaken this person any form of stimulants, not even pain. We will see in this topic What are some of the causes of coma.

Types of coma

Coma between several types of which may vary toxic metabolic encephalopathy, or in the case of brain injury or lack of oxygen in the case of brain dysfunction that may cause confusion and delirium. Varied chances of recovery from a coma on the latter reason first and the proportion of the ability to correct the cause of entry of the person in the coma of first place in the event woke up the patient may lose yet regain consciousness one of its vital functions, the higher the cure rate are those resulting from drug poisoning or injury to the head and the more coma for a period of several weeks under the patient's chances of awakening them.

The causes of coma

- Head injury: It is possible to be the cause of a coma, head injury, which lead to increased pressure, bleeding, loss of pressure and the lack of oxygen supply to the brain for a long time, and more injuries comatose be the result of injury to the head or any defect in the blood circulation that reaches the brain.

- Stroke: or in other cases coma occur after you get swelling in the brain tissue may lead to lack of oxygen as previously stated to the electrolyte imbalance hormones or injury to the tumor.

- Toxins: the accumulation of some substances found in the body may lead even up to toxic levels in case of failure of the body disposed of properly.

- Bleeding: The pressure on the affected side of the brain because of bleeding that happens a coma, some people may enter into a coma as a result of high blood and diabetes in this case, dubbed the "excessive sugar in the blood."

- An epileptic seizure: the anecdotes that cause epileptic seizures in the incidence of coma but in the case was going on could lead to get the latter.

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