With ongoing changes, the volatility of the seasons between the hot and cold increasing proportions of people who have a cold colds and flus Some of speeds up to get vaccines or drugs needed to alleviate the disease on them and some of them try to avoid the disease in their own way; Vtaatcather in these periods rumors among the people about what should or not do abound circulating misinformation. So we decided in this topic to clarify some misconceptions about it.
- Pick up the disease from the bait: when he gets the person on the bait in order to protect himself from the flu being injected with viruses that antibodies produced in the body to fight it be strong enough to cause symptoms that accompany the flu and needs to be the bait to be effective at least two weeks so it does not is not true that a person pick up the disease from the bait.
- Influenza does not infect the young: The influenza disease does not exclude not large and small are not sick with other diseases and healthy people it affects everyone without discrimination promise of provision of it and the neglect of symptoms cause an increase unit diseases that could lead to death, a reliable information because he counted the death of 200 people last year because of it.
- Protection from the flu Wash your hands: contribute personal hygiene protection from many diseases and reduce the spread of viruses, but it is a mistake to believe that to do this to prevent the flu, because the latter is a virus spread through the air spray of saliva.
- Influenza disease does not require treatment: Many believe that the flu is bad unusual cold has come to pass, but it is wrong because influenza severe illness and requires treatment immediately because it is causing much of the serious injuries that required access to the hospital for treatment of advanced cases.


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