What are the contents of the Fenugreek?
  Fenugreek goes to: - vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, A, C, folic acid)
 -omlah Metal (calcium, potassium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium) -ahmad amino (Traijunlen, lysine, tryptophan)
-kmyat Great substance "saponin" and fiber.

 The most important benefits of fenugreek:

 1. Fenugreek Breastfeeding: using the ring as natural source of milk for nursing mothers to increase milk flow.

   2. fenugreek reduces cholesterol: the ring containing the substance "saponin" that reduces the body's absorption of cholesterol, but also reduce fat pathogenic ratio.

 3.  Fenugreek protects against diabetes: The discovery of an amino acid found only  Fenugreek helps to improve insulin secretion in the case of high blood glucose level, which helps protect against diabetes and also treatment.

  4. the  Fenugreek for the prevention of cancer: Some studies have found that fiber  Fenugreek may help protect against some types of cancer, and also that the substance "saponin" in Circuit associated with harmful substances in food, which protects colon cancer.

 5.  Fenugreek to treat digestive problems: also help to reduce the acidity due to the presence of materials with help calm the intestinal infections and stomach and covered with a layer of protection, where a study found that eating the  Fenugreek before meals at half two hours a day for two weeks a significant impact in the Treatment of acidity.

 6. ring and weight gain: helps to increase the weight by working to open the appetite.

   And natural properties of the  Fenugreek​ :

Frequently used the ring for the purposes of food and also a recipe for the treatment of some cases, for example:

- Herbal tea component of fenugreek, lemon and honey is usually used Kaala fever.

- Fenugreek seeds are rich in vitamin E to that used in pickles.

- Fresh fenugreek leaves are deposited on the scalp to help hair growth from new and reduce the embrittlement.
- The ring is used as a treatment for burns, abscess, and arthritis.
- The ring helps to constrict the uterus and therefore used in the case of birth.

What are the side effects of the  Fenugreek?
 In large doses of the ring may cause deformation of the fetus therefore advised to avoid it during pregnancy.
Symptoms may also occur Redness ensitive skin and facial swelling and difficulty breathing. Side and other symptoms may occur as diarrhea, indigestion, gas, acidity.

   What is the extent of the ring interact with medications?
- Be careful in dealing with diabetes drugs, because they reduce blood glucose sugar violin do drugs, so be careful of addressed together.
- Anti-clotting drugs and stimulating blood thinners, should not be taken with the ring, because the ring have the same effect on blood, so it may not be healthy to combine them.

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