The misconception that rheumatism only affects patients between 15 and 40 years old, but a disease that affects children less than 16 years, where he may appear, starting from the age of six months. This can be seen in detail knee swelling, redness, pain or inability to move it after waking up from sleep, even half an hour, as the child tends to idle and less appetite.

Causes and Treatment

Although research and studies, the reasons for this have not yet know the incidence of the disease, but there are studies that say that there could be viral infections affecting the child, and have a genetic predisposition. To cure the disease, be initially diluted medicines for pain for several weeks. If the child did not respond. And are resorting to other drugs, you turn the antibodies that attack the joint.

Development of the disease

Progression of the disease on the type and severity of inflammation and the quality of the user therapy and duration of stops. And different organic inflammation of joints from patient to another track. As the disease symptoms in half of patients is limited, has smothered the disease they have. But arthritis can be active at the half of the patients for a long time, while improving organic symptoms gradually over time.

However, the continuous arthritis can lead to joint destruction and especially the cartilage that helps to facilitate movement. There are a small percentage of patients may continue to have the disease in Sourtah articular and organic, and this group of patients although I have said is that you may suffer from other developments of the disease. The most concentrated development of the disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis multiple, with the presence of rheumatoid arthritis, blood and joints, and may result in impotence. Those who suffer from arthritis and have a multi-rheumatoid factor have a negative, the progression of the disease have to be better than the first group, especially for joints.

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