Cigar is believed to be less harmful than cigarettes without realizing the risks to health so that up to the threat of life in the event of over-done. 
Risks of cigar smoker
Cigar many risks as it causes the following diseases:
- Cancer of the lip, tongue, mouth, throat, esophagus and pancreas.
- Shortness of blood vessels, specifically the flow of blood to the heart and thereby increase the risk of heart disease and respiratory diseases.
- Inhaling a large amount of nicotine, so that causes lung cancer and reduce the proportion of oxygen.
- High blood pressure and heart medications, which eliminates a result of treatment of pressure.
- Decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood, which protects the hardening and narrowing arteries of the heart has been in females is reduced by 8% and among males by 12%.
- Dynamic change in coronary heart cycle so that leads to a contraction in all coronary arteries, thereby causing sudden clots in the muscular part of the heart.
- Hardening of the arteries in the brain that cause diabetes and stroke recurrence leads to a total or partial paralysis.
Effect on cigars inhaled
If the presence of human non-smoker filled with smoke cigars in the vicinity, it may affect the health and cause respiratory problems, especially asthma and pulmonary.
The direct relationship between cigars and respiratory
We all know how dangerous smoking on respiratory symptoms and cigars doubles. It can cause chronic inflammation of the trachea that leads to an increase in secretions of the glands. The symptoms appear through the permanent during the morning and be accompanied by coughing blood and if it is not treated it leads to a failure of the respiratory system and the lack of oxygen in the blood, the heart and in the brain. These repeated bacterial infections, immune crash membrane lining of the trachea and therefore incurable.

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