Many people are exposed to pain in the ears, or tinnitus, or some may feel weak at the hearing in one ear or both, as a result of a number of the most prominent gathering of fluid and water causes during the Hot Tub and others blow on the ear may receive causing pain and an inability to hearing well. What causes a blockage in the ears and how it can be cured? This is what we will present on this topic,
The causes of clogged ears
- Genetic factors working to control the size and quantity of waxy secretions, which sometimes lead to an increase in the amount of these secretions.
- The wrong use of earplugs or earphones or allocated for cleaning the ears, cotton sticks, which caused the payment of wax that you Bifrazh ear to the inside.
- When the size of the ear canal is smaller than the normal size, and the quantity of natural wax secretions lead to clogged ears.
The symptoms of clogged ears
 Appear on the patient with clogged ear several symptoms are:
- Severe itching feeling inside the ear
- The feeling of fullness in the ear
- Incidence of impaired hearing
- Dizziness and vertigo
- Pain in the ear
- The emergence of ringing in the ear
- Inflammation in the middle ear
- The occurrence of audio has granted that leads to hearing loss fully
- Make a hole in the eardrum
Ways to treat clogged ears
- Remove wax accumulated by visiting a specialist doctor and not try to do so domestically.
- The distillation of the ear that has been boiled with cloves with a little olive oil after it cools.
- Inhaling steam by boiling the amount of water with eucalyptus oil and inhaled three times daily.
- Get rid of the pressure of the ears by doing exercises the jaws and Thrikema left and right and up and down.
- Eating chewing gum; they are useful to get rid of the liquid in the ear, it is also working on the revitalization of the ear canal.

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