Epilepsy is a disease that affects people of all ages without any fundamental causes and is a kind of risk it. Since it is often a person is under major epileptic seizure unconscious and therefore does not feel any pain, including the seizure may last for many minutes a person needs treatment or medical care
How to deal with an epileptic seizure
- Remain calm, because no one can stop the heart when it started, but it must leave the Nuba take its course and not try to revive a person who is exposed.
- Leave the person on the ground in its resting position and Relax clothes.
- Try to just any hard or sharp or hot materials may cause harm to the patient, it may be necessary to put a pillow or something soft under the patient's head.
- Put a person on his side to facilitate the flow of saliva from his mouth.
- Do not put anything in the mouth of an infected person.
- After the end of the shift should provide an opportunity for people to take a rest or to sleep if necessary.
- After the end of the rest period most of such people back to what they were before a seizure, and if the person was not in his house, and he was still staggered and weak or confused, it is better to accompany him to his home.
- In the case of a person of her assailed bout a child, then you should contact your parents or poly ordered.
- If the occurrence or recurrence of seizures continued before the person regains consciousness, or if one of the attacks lasted for more than five minutes, you should move the injured person to the nearest hospital.

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