Allergy symptoms vary depending on the sensitivity itself constitute allergic reaction, in most cases, a nuisance and a narrow but minor allergy symptoms. The reactions in the case of severe allergies may be more dangerous, because it may affect the members of many devices in the body. Also, complications also vary between people which we will post them on this subject, and to know how to behave with it.
Complications Allergies
Can anaphylactic reaction to be a case of life-threatening in severe cases; where can which stopped breathing or heart happens. The patient in this case and the need to revive the heart respiratory and other immediate emergency treatments. Allergies also increase the risk of exposure to other health problems, including:
- Anaphylaxis: the man who suffers from a severe allergic reaction is more likely to have Baltaq, which is a reaction caused by allergies features. And associated anaphylaxis, mainly in food allergies and allergies to insect venom.
- Other types of allergies: people who suffer from one type of allergies are more likely to develop other types of allergies.
- Asthma: people who suffer from asthma, issued by the reaction of the immune system to affect the airway and breathing, they are more susceptible to allergies.
- Dermatitis and eczema, sinusitis, ear infections or lungs: that the risk of developing this disease increases in people who suffer from both, or hay fever, allergies to animals or allergies to mold.
- Fungal infections: Every person suffering from allergies can suffer more from fungal infections, so it is bound to protect himself from more complications and cares Bbcherth better.

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