Do you think there combines headache, toothache relationship? Yes, the answer is known and the reasons on the table and infect a day each one of us, so we are today and through this article we will give you the relationship that exists between a headache and toothache to Taathachoa falling out.

- Tooth decay: decay begins to strike the outer layer of the tooth or the tooth of any port layer and then attacking Ivory layer any second layer finally the nerve to attack. Before this stage of human suffering from chronic daily headaches Hence he must visit the dentist immediately to begin treatment of the subject.

- Periodontal disease: periodontal disease is gingivitis, bacteria derived from calcareous sediments in an area on the age and thus eating away weevils which leads to inflammation of the tissues surrounding the bones of these changes caused directly or indirectly because of the headaches of infected roots in the mouth.

- Wisdom teeth: in no teeth congestion in the mouth when the emergence of wisdom teeth and not being able to exit jams the latter in the bones of the jaw, leading to pressure to the root of the tooth adjacent causing erosion or pressing on the nerve sensation and leads it to bouts of painful headaches without that person knows source.

- Decrease in the number of teeth: When the fall of some of the teeth or remove them from the jaws forcing a man to munching on a certain side of the mouth of any where there are a sufficient number of teeth, causing the person migraine.
- Negative habits: Human has rubbed on the teeth while sitting in front of the TV or at other times during sleep, causing a strong headache does not know the source

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