Many individuals set the alarm clock and place it inside the mobile phone next to them in the bedroom. But sleep experts warned of the risks left open mobile devices in the bedrooms on the human brain, and here we offer you  risks leaving the mobile in the bedroom at night .

Mobile risk in the bedroom

Leaving open mobile devices in the bedrooms to cause the damage to the human brain, because keeping those devices or any devices to send or receive space in the bedrooms causing a state of insomnia, anxiety, lack of sleep and brain damage, resulting in the long term to the destruction of the immune system in human body.

Studies show that the subconscious mind of man remain in vigilant and keep an eye out for any contact in a way involuntarily when a mobile device near him inside the room, and thus to get a good night's sleep, you'll feel safe and secure by closing your mobile phone, and then the brain Satoqlm on the premise that will not bother you phone, Phnom will enjoy a quiet and less troublesome.

Also, studies indicate the light that is emitted from these devices gives the wrong signals to the brain that we are in the daytime and not at night until the flesh enjoy comfortable, and thus the mind remains alert and the body N to relax, and here sleep experts advise buying hours to set the time and not to retain any Mobile-room order Everyone enjoys a quiet Phnom free of disturbances.

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