Neck problems become public problems that increasing day by day because of the spread of smart devices that usually become a daily routine because of the misuse of some people for these devices and for long periods of time. This is what leads to exacerbate the problem, causing the occurrence of effort in excess of the cartilage in the neck and her illness and the possibility of a slipped disc in it. This is the focus of our topic today in our article this.

What is a slipped disc?

Slipped disc occurs in the cartilage in the vertebrae of the neck places where they are exposed to a lot of movement and result in muscle weakness due to lack of exercise or as a result of aging. Glide and is part of the pressure on the nerve, causing the disk to the emergence of a lot of pain in the back and legs, because the pain site depends on the infected disk location and severity of pain proportionate to the size of the Glide.

 In most cases when the slide is happening called this case the sweat of sciatica because the pain is spreading along the sciatica nerve in some cases, one man or has the potential both Alrgeltin and cause a feeling of tingling and numbness in the heel and toe. Increasing the proportion of pain when an infected person while doing some activities, sneezing and even sit down and try bend forward.

The basic causes of sliding cartilage

Of the most important causes of disease sliding cartilage in the neck is carrying heavy things most of the time and do some wrong sudden movements that cause the feeling of pain and cause pressure on the external nerve leads to difficulty in the patient's movements. And it is diagnosed with the disease through careful medical examination and treatment is most of the time by medical drugs that relieve pain and swelling caused by the unit Glide

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