Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough of the hormone thyroxine, which performs many of the tasks that affect growth and lead to many symptoms Sankhvha in this topic.

Symptoms of thyroid sloth

There are several symptoms that may affect the human body and indicates a lack of the hormone thyroxine level, including:

- Laziness and lethargy
- Feeling cold and do not bear cold weather in general
- Hair Loss
- Constipation
- Menstrual disorders
- The difficulty of pregnancy in women
- Complications during pregnancy from an early births period and affected the nervous system of the fetus if the problem was not discovered and treated since the beginning of pregnancy
- High blood pressure
- The inability to exert effort and a general feeling of fatigue
- High blood cholesterol
- Depression
- overweight
- Dry hair
- Dry skin
- Muscle spasm
- A decrease in focus
- Swelling of the legs

Thyroid complications sloth

Sloth thyroid gland leads to several complications including hypertrophy of the heart, and the accumulation of fluid around the lungs, and in severe cases may lead to go into a coma. And the disclosure of the laziness of the thyroid gland is easy done by a blood test to detect the hormone level if within the normal or not.

And treatment lies in the lack of compensation for the hormone, but the right dose varies from person to person, so you should continue doing tests periodically determines the duration physician. The treatment of hormone thyroxine is influenced by the presence of food and some other treatments, so the most important piece of advice given to the patient is taking medication before or two hours after meals to its absorption is not affected, as well as taking it separate from the rest of the treatments.

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