Over the age of many of the hormonal changes that affect the vital process in the body occur. It is these changes of development and growth, metabolism and reproduction and the ability to have sex, so any disruption in the body's hormones could have a negative impact on a person's health, even if his diet healthy. So in this article we will review the symptoms of hormonal disorders, which must pay attention to it.
- Overweight: If your weight is constantly increasing in spite of exercise and a healthy diet are likely to be the cause of insulin resistance, a condition in which the cells do not respond normally, and could be causing weight gain disorder of the thyroid gland.
- Insomnia and sleep disorders: It is possible to cause insomnia hormones that women felt especially disorders, so you should try to install an appointment to sleep or exercise some relaxation exercises and prefer to eat foods rich in antioxidants.
- Tension: If you feel nervous continuously and became exhibitors, along with chronic anxiety, it is possible to have it back to inhibit the functions of the adrenal gland that leads to a lack of secretion of the hormone progesterone and some other essential hormones.
- Sweating: the symptoms of hormonal disorders frequent excessive sweating natural alone and sometimes some hot ignited so you must be careful in the foods you eat women and try to avoid all the strong emotions that may cause them to sweat.
- Sexual desire: one of the most visible signs of hormonal disorders is weak libido because any defect in the thyroid gland secretions may be the main reason behind the loss of this desire, along with sleep disorders.
- Fatigue: If you are suffering from weakness and fatigue and permanent fatigue or lack of concentration at work or anything else, the hormonal disorder is the main reason behind it all.
- Gluttony: The thyroid hormone disorders are the problem in the permanent feeling of hunger and desire to eat continuously until after the feeling of satiety.

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