Cancer is a disease that era reap millions of deaths around the world, without distinction between large and small between race and color. Despite the evolution of man and all medical development that the world knew what scientists are still unable to discover a radical treatment for various types of cancer, but it became almost certain that the early detection of the disease may contribute to high cure rate.
Signs warn of the presence of cancer
- Chronic Fatigue: Fatigue is usually caused by lifestyle and work pressure difficult but that chronic fatigue and for long periods continuously worrying. As the American Cancer Society indicated that chronic fatigue that can not Mdawith sleep and rest may be evidence of a cancer of the colon or the stomach or blood.
- Weight loss is justified: that unjustified weight loss is worrisome and may be a sign of a person's digestive tract cancer or lung, one of the early signs. Every person suffering from sudden loss of weight a comprehensive Vhsosat to make sure that there are no cancerous tumor recommended.
- Permanent pain: that sense of constant pain and despite taking prescribed medications and sedatives is worrisome because it may be a sign of a cancerous tumor incidence.
- Lumps under the skin: the emergence of blocks under the skin, especially under the armpits or in the vicinity of the testicles may be evidence of a cancerous tumor in the breast or testicular. The individual is advised to monitor his body well and that the back of the existence of the blocks in any part of the body he has to consult a doctor and are monitored.
- The appearance of white patches in the mouth: the appearance of white patches in the mouth on the gums, tongue is one more symptom of the presence of a cancerous tumor in men and known as "leukoplakia" often appears when the viewer Alolchkas smokers.
- Changes in the texture of the skin: Skin cancer is the most common cancers in the world the one who must monitor any changes occur in the body, especially in the forms of Altoalal and Achammamat because any changes that may appear on the skin.
- High temperatures for long periods: the heat that goes beyond heat nature of any object thirty-seven degrees Celsius and for long periods, which do not disappear with drugs is disturbing and may be evidence of the existence of leukemia or other types of cancers cancer.
- Heartburn: Usually result in stress and eat foods rich in fats and sugars to the feeling of heartburn, but dangerous to start if this feeling lasted for several weeks, despite not eating fatty foods, or sugars, and this could be evidence of the incidence of the larynx and pharynx cancer.
- A persistent cough: that a persistent cough for several weeks despite calls treatments visit to the doctor to make sure the safety of lung Statistics show that three-quarters of lung cancer patients suffer initially from a persistent cough because of tumor pressure on the airways.
- Swelling of lymph nodes: usually swollen lymph nodes because of a sore throat and go away with treatment but still receive the Bulge for a long time without feeling any pain requires visiting a doctor to make sure there is no cancer in the lymph nodes.
- Blood in the stool: the appearance of blood in the stool may be a sign of bowel cancer if accompanied by other symptoms such as loss of weight, fever, and constant fatigue.

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