The stuttering is a state of turmoil in verbal expression and has several forms such as restoring the same sound or the same character or can be in prolonging the spoken word. It is possible to also have to delete some sounds or other annexation of the child may stop talking if stutter. In this article we will talk about stuttering in children and treatment methods.

The causes of stuttering

It is possible to be a family history of the causes of stuttering, as well as links in the family or family disputes that may cause stuttering in children. It is possible, according to some theories that stuttering is a psychological problem when the child or by organic theory, which is that stuttering is not only the result of an explosion or emotional basis of circumstantial factors but in this case the nervous and organic and not myself.

The treatment of stuttering in children

We should not show interest plus this phenomenon should not be looking at the child suspiciously when he speaks, and should as much as possible not to expose the child to fatigue physical and mental, and the organization of his lifestyle daily activities quiet Kalnshat in nature, for example, as well as maintaining his diet and integrated hours sleep enough.

Parents should avoid the child put in an awkward position or may cause the child stress and anger should not be discussion with the child sharply along with the treatment of finding a way to avoid feeling jealous of others. Child Almtaltm depends very much on the support of his family treat him and encourage him to speak slowly and to convince the child that he can do so without stammering because he is capable of. As it is desirable that the parents speak and interact with the child slowly and quietly and try to raise a child's self-confidence.

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