Have you heard or have suffered days of dry eye? This struck many and perhaps did not understand that dry eye is the diagnosis of the situation here is a most prominent symptoms and causes

What is dry eye?

The dry eye is a disease that affects the eye and the most common among them and can, in this case the use of eye drops that do not need a prescription a doctor but with the worsening situation must resort to a specialist because of the dry eye several reasons and must specify the case to describe the treatment. Of symptoms that require a doctor's visit reminded itching, redness and the feeling that something exists inside our eyes, along with the feeling sensitive to light.

The multiple causes of the drought

It is possible that the incidence of dry eye is due to several external factors such as bad ventilation or air-conditioning or working in front of a computer. Cause of work in front of a computer screen, for example, one has to forget Vermh blinked once or twice instead of 10 to 15 times per minute, leading to the lacrimal not to distribute material on all parts of the eye, causing corneal conjunctivitis along and make it unprotected. Here the doctor when you are working in front of the screen or watching TV long to close eyes on purpose for a period of hours recommended. It is important that the lacrimal layer is formed in the eye because she wetted surface and supplying cells with oxygen and food materials needed her as she cleaned the eye of exotic objects and thus provide a clear vision.

Article lacrimal disorder

Lacrimal turmoil in the article may be the reason for the dry eye and lacrimal Alad article that was hit by something used for industrial tears and this also benefits the subject of dry eyes along with several prescription drugs is determined by the type of the disease and the situation experienced by the patient. When using industrial tears must be patient lies down and closes his eyes and puts a drop in the corner are distributed in the eye when they open them.

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