All of us go through that several times in the situation today will hear crackling in the joints or bones So what are the causes of obesity, not to mention the reasons Alorathihalmtdaolh? Today we offer to you in this article are my health reasons crackling bones or joints. And crackling two forms First, they occur when you move the detailed Kalrkph or shoulder or hand or neck Visahb stirring voice by him and called Btqtqh, and secondly there crackling accompanied by pain and stiffness of the joints without moving.
Symptoms causing crackling
- Aging or aging
If the person at the age of adolescence Valtqtqh get because of the growth of the tendons are not fully bone at the same rate, but in the elderly is the main cause thinning of the cartilage or distorted.
- Osteoarthritis
Is the cause of wear of cartilage, which prevents moving the joints, causing painful pressure in the body.
- arthritis
Arthritis damages the joints, leading to hear the crackling issued them.
Factors and osteoporosis treatments
- Partial dislocation or Rabat
Dislocation usually occurs when the shock of what albeit partial It is a bone out of the joint and then he returned to his place and example of this is the jaw bone. The dislocation Rabat is that some people have the guts longer and more flexible than others and this leads to the movement of joints and hear Tqtguetha.

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