She suffers a lot of persons, regardless of the quality of their skin suntan This is of course a source of annoyance to them because it is embarrassing General and change the face or areas of the body significantly color. It is therefore important for people to know what are the reasons behind the suntan has to start finding useful solutions. Today we are through this article we will give an overview of the reasons to avoid them.

First, the reason may be drying up the deep layers of the epidermis as a result of some deficiency in the tissue it is not possible that everything appears to the naked eye and Ohaanas hidden causes are the leading cause, and here is a moisturizing is essential because it adjusts the water balance, as well as restore deep skin cells to its former shape.

Secondly, ultraviolet radiation is also of the basic causes in darkening the skin much like spending time in the outdoors any exposure to the sun, and here we must be alert to use a condom from the sun to keep the harmful rays far.

Thirdly, under any circumstances the body is suffering from slow renewal of skin cells any upper layer cells of the skin could be skin becomes nailed the basis of this matter and to stimulate cell renewal must resort to peel through the use of soft treatments on the skin does not hurt the sensitivity and removes dead skin cells it.

Fourth, in some cases may be caused by the skin returns to Amsrar Amsakl and indigestion must address these medical cases.

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