The human body needs a number of key factors to maintain its functions and to be in good health with sufficient energy to do all the daily duties owed him. Any imbalance in these key factors cause paralysis of the whole system begins some members of dragging its feet on carrying out its functions imposed or carried out is incomplete, and these basic factors that can not be dispensed with for the body is sleeping. Vtarafa us today to hormonal problems caused by lack of sleep.
Basic sleep as a necessity
There are several physical factors that affect the duration of hours of sleep varies between the latter and the last race as well as between Omar and another. You can get some sleep somewhere between five to seven hours a day, depending on each person according to his needs and the needs of his body to rest. What some people do not pay any attention to any sleep basic need for the convenience of the human body, and the longer we secure this need with side effects and hormonal problems factored clear it will appear on our bodies.
Most at risk because of lack of sleep hormones
- Youth hormone: This hormone known anti-aging that all women seeking permanent to work to keep it active and to his province and all of its functions carried out to the fullest; and what should you to know that whenever I sleep ratio sandal production of this hormone.
- Stress hormones: the lower the number of hours of sleep, the hormone known increased hormone cortisol is known for his alertness hormone that rises to the level of tension you have. They tried to avoid caffeine in the evening in order to help your body to relax completely and obtaining the required period of rest.
- Hunger hormones: There are hormones in the human body responsible for stimulating the brain to eat when you feel hungry or need to, other hormones responsible for the desire to curb these times are not appropriate. Lack of access to an abundant cause sleep disorder and functions of these hormones that cause obesity and weight Alzai

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