Acclimate quickly newly born baby with his presence in the outside world. During the first month, he will spend most of his time sleeping and feeding. It may not seem that your child does a lot, but it actually absorbs during the first month of many things. How is the natural development of the child at the age of month?

- More than physical ability
Your child through the end of the first month, almost stronger than the first days after birth, as you might be able to lift his head up for short periods when they hold him in position to top. However, you still need to support his head dramatically.

- Its ability to increase expression
In the first month of the child is trying to communicate with you in theory, Fajssa his time, and see him speak with him because that would give him comfort and enhances the communicative abilities.

- Has evolved senses
Child aged months become more sensitive to what surrounds him. Evolve has a vision and hearing so that notes what is happening around him even more. May Tantpehin to its interaction with happily watch a colorful game, or see your face and hear your voice when you hold him soon. It may also be surprised if he hears a sudden noise.

- Moving the limbs begin
Also you'll notice that your child will begin to open his hands from time to time. When you touch comfort, small rolled his fingers around your hand. This is a reaction instinctive and spontaneous at the moment. This arrest is reflexive in its strongest in the first eight weeks of your child's life.

- Will recognize you!
Although your child recognize you since its early days, however, at the end of the first month it will be able to show it. Half of the children in this age shows almost their knowledge of their parents. And vary their reaction towards their mothers and fathers for their reaction towards people strangers. It is likely to ease your child is trying to contact you by looks when he sees you.

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