After we have finished Alarzaah, stage treading the mother how to train her child to sleep alone without adversely affecting the psyche through the sense of separation from his parents or the feeling of fear. So we'll show some of the steps that you can follow to train your child as a mother to sleep alone.

Steps train the child alone
At a certain stage of Alotfolh, it must be that the child separated from his parents and must be trained to sleep in a separate room so as to develop the independence and personality of a young age. So these steps will help you madam to overcome some of the problems with your child at this stage:

- The first time around Put your baby in his room, and sit in his side and even Hdtij Aghafoo, the second time and put it in his bed Hdtij from abroad to feel safe Amae hear your voice. Although not Taatrdda, crying because it naturally not to worry because it does not have to get used to that child.

- Put played in his bed and blanket Mufdilh, because if I wake up you will not feel panicked, but then relaxed and calm.

- Leave the light dimmed in Alotfl, room to sleep better and avoid the feeling of fear of darkness.

- Fees not Tkthrey on Aljaddar, as she turns in the dark forms to faze the child.

- Try ventilation his room constantly.

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