Mastectomy surgery to remove the breast, and in some cases also continues to surrounding breast tissue to get rid of the cancerous tumor and prevent its spread. There are three types of mastectomies: radical, simple or radical rate. This surgery is quite safe, but there are certain risks and complications, of course. It is far-fetched, but it may occur so would expose you to the next topic.
Complications of anesthesia
The risks that may arise from general anesthesia are nausea, vomiting, urinary retention, ulceration of the throat, and headache. The most important include heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia risk.
So before the operation anesthesiologist will discuss these risks with the patient, and asks her whether they are sensitive to certain medications. It can form blood clots in the leg due to lack of movement during the operation and after. They show a few days after the operation, and cause leg swelling and pain. You can migrate blood clots of the leg, and move to the lungs, which causes shortness of breath, chest pain, and may also cause death. Therefore, it is extremely important to tell your doctor if any of these symptoms. Shortness of breath can occur sometimes without warning. The departure of bed shortly after surgery may help reduce the risk of blood clots form in the legs.
Bleeding during or after the operation
You may need a blood transfusion during a mastectomy. Fluid may collect under the skin, and this is what he calls the doctors swelling worshiper. This fluid may need to puncture by the needle, or other process. Worshiper swelling and may lead to the opening of the wound.
Scar skin
There are risks and complications related to this process, in particular, but it is necessary to know the patient. The more a wider process, the stakes are higher. But these risks remain scarce though. It can result in deformation process in the breast Whatever the process is simple. You can get the nerves that pass in the armpit, leading to weakness of the shoulder or numbness or pain in the arm. But it is rare for this to happen. The whole arm was swollen when still lymph nodes. It may be necessary to use the flexible arm or other means to relieve the swelling socks.

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