It is common to suffer from the exercise of a spasm of the muscles during exercise sports, but you can get rid of this pain and treat simple steps. What are these steps? And how it can be treated with a muscle strain?
- It must first maintain a deep and steady breathing especially during physical exercise because it keeps the delivery of oxygen suitable for all members of the body quantities and thus prevents muscle spasm.
- It is necessary to drink sufficient amounts of water especially when doing physical effort and exposure to sweat a lot so as to maintain a balance in the body and prevent the loss of large amounts of water and salts that cause calcium combines tight muscle.
- Eating potassium-rich foods such as avocados, bananas, broccoli, orange juice, apricots because potassium prevents muscle spasm and tighten and extend your body energy and vitality.
- We recommend exposure to the sun, even for ten minutes a day, especially before sunset because they provide the body with needed quantities of vitamin D because vitamin A deficiency causes muscle strain.
- It is very useful to deal with two cups of milk to strengthen bones and get a high percentage of calcium and vitamin D.
- To get rid of pain from muscle strain is very useful Pacific and regular massage fatty substance whatever the infected part and then put the piece of warm cloth on the 

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