It is a sensitive eye of Members in the human body, because the loss of sight does not make up and some eye problems have no solutions. So Tumblr today in an article of my health to some meaningful advice and one of the most prominent ways to maintain the kidneys eyes, here's an article on how to maintain the eyes kidneys.
- It is necessary for the safety of the eye Permanent undergo periodic eye examination to make sure the high pressure, for example, or being infected with any of the well-known, such as cataract and glaucoma eye deviation or defects and other diseases may cause diseases in the worst loss of the sense of vision.
- You should not neglect the use of solar eyeglasses during exposure to the sun or wear specialized glasses when you sit for long periods in front of the computer screen during office work or to follow the correct rules of the eye cleaner.
- To maintain the health of the matter advised to follow fresh every day diet contains 5 fruits or vegetables, and the more varied colors that are addressed the better.
- You must move away from a long look at the television or computer screen, and taken it a break every 15 minutes.
- Stop smoking because it causes many eye problems, it has been scientifically proven that the smoke rising during smoking affects the external eye sensitive membranes and lead to irritation and inflammation of the smoking especially if it is in an enclosed space is well-ventilated.
- Should be regular eye check when the Note redness in the eyes, or the feeling of pain in it.

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