The stomach a pivotal role in the human body they are working on food storage, then you are moving into the intestines after work to digest food and turn it into a semi-liquid so as to facilitate his transfer to the small intestine, in addition to the conversion of fat into a liquid because of the heat in the stomach.
And it is the digestion process in two stages: the first stage is the stage of mechanical digestion; in which the constriction of the walls of the stomach the food, the second stage is the stage of the chemical digestion; they are at this stage secretion Anziman, namely: the enzyme renin, the enzyme pepsin, and the stomach also contain hydrochloric acid, which helps in the digestion of proteins after he activated the enzymes secreted by the stomach, plus the ability to kill germs and bacteria that reach the stomach through food, and when the incidence of disorders and imbalances stomach neuroticism or functional dyspepsia, that leads to the so-called disease nerves of the stomach .
The symptoms of stomach nerves
- Nausea and desire to vomit.
- Pain in the stomach.
- Burning sensation in the stomach.
- Feeling severe pain in the abdomen when eating food and foods.
- Incidence of severe diarrhea or severe constipation.
- The emergence of cramps in the abdominal area.
- Frequent belching accompanied by gas from the anal area.
- The patient may feel swelling in the abdomen especially when the stomach.
The doctor in this case will resort to the use of sonar examination and research in the abdomen of the patient to find a place of illness, which sees it mostly either the stomach or the occurrence of swelling and inflation are the result of a severe inflammation of the colon leading to patient injury such severe symptoms.
And decides the doctor after a thorough examination appropriate treatment with some other precautions Kalamtnaa for certain foods or wrong eating habits of the patient, the patient is prohibited for at least two weeks of eating reddish and cayenne and address only boiled food.

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