Breastfeeding is very important for the growth of your child, especially during the first 6 months of age. They are also useful for the mother as well as help the body to return to what it was before pregnancy and milk production because it distracted from energy stored in the fat accumulated in the body during pregnancy. You will have to take care during the period of breast-feeding food to your system completely as a period of pregnancy in order to get important nutrients for milk yield and quality. Here are the most prominent foundations of health food during lactation.
Do you have the wrong ideas about breastfeeding?
To generate the necessary nutrients and composition of milk:
- Calories, you must increase the daily energy rate by 500 calories a day Formation and milk needs additional energy.
- Protein, the body needs to 15 grams per day increase on the original need, the equivalent of two additional servings of meat, legumes, and dairy products or eggs.
- Vitamin A, increases of needing the mother's body to the vitamin to increase put in milk, it needs to reach to 1200-1300 mg daily. Frequently this vitamin in green leafy vegetables, colorful vegetables and fruits, liver and kidneys.
- Vitamin C, a nursing mother need up to 90 mg per day, due to the increase put in milk. Its rich sources are acidic fruit, mango, cantaloupe, strawberries, green peppers.
- Calcium and phosphorus, with a repeat pregnancy and lactation has generated a lack of calcium and phosphorus in a woman's body, so the body needs up to 1200 mg per day in order to maintain healthy bones. Of the most important food sources of calcium and phosphorus Milk and milk products.

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