Measured in the water around the fetus proportions known medical doctors, and in the absence of all information relating to maternal fetal water, you provide my health site in an article on the benefits of group information related to the fetus and causes of water shortages and treatment methods Fattabaana.
Benefits of Water fetus
- Shocks of the fetus from the uterus located him protection
- Helping to provide space for the movement of the fetus
- Sticking to maintain a constant temperature
- At birth helps the water bag on the expansion of the uterus
- Helps open water sliding pocket on the fetus
Water shortage causes the fetus
- Lack of fluid around the fetus is because of a defect in the placenta, leading to the failure of the natural function of the placenta in the delivery of blood to the fetus adequately process.
- Because of the distortion in the faculties of the fetus.
- A hole or tear in the waters surrounding the fetus leads to a water leak outside the womb.
- The use of certain drugs for palliative pain for long periods.
Symptoms and treatment
Symptoms of water shortage small size of the pregnant belly, compared to months later pregnancy is the result of the lack of growth of the fetus in nature, and the lack of fluid around the fetus. And the treatment of this problem follow up with the doctor, undergo a sonar periodically every two weeks to follow up the growth of the fetus. It may be the discovery of diseases or birth defects can be treated during pregnancy, and determine the time and manner of birth if there is a risk to the life of the fetus.

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