Man finds it difficult to get rid of the habit, so you must monitor the children and prevent them from the beginning of the exercise of any normally harmful especially if they can hurt their teeth.
The most harmful habits
Usually considered finger sucking habits of the most harmful to the teeth, they lead to distortions Sunni with the emergence of the upper jaw teeth to the outside, and the compression of the lower jaw teeth to the inside too much, like usually put the pen in your mouth and chew. Also, eat Albozor of bad habits that do not pay attention to most people. He put the seed in the same place of the tooth thousands of times leads to erosion. It is also bad habits nail-biting, and the development of the lower or upper lip between the teeth and Msa or chewed.
For a child to eat candies, sweets and pastries in abundance, danger lies in eating before going to sleep, Vtaatkhmr lingering remnants teeth during sleep, which may lead to the spread of extensive caries in teeth. It is observed frequently, lack of attention to children's deciduous teeth, as ephemeral and irrelevant. And often resort to the mother asked her children's teeth extractions with the first simple injury or necrosis, with that early extraction damage is very large.
It is necessary to visit the dentist once every six months or once a year at least, to make a general examination of the teeth and detect early and treat her injuries.

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