Inoculation or vaccination injection is bacterial or viral antigens or memberships with a view to generate immunity in the individual. It has disappeared thanks to the vaccination of many infectious diseases, frightening and deadly of the world, Kaljdra, tetanus, polio and others. Granting the vaccination of a large decrease in the number of cases of pertussis, measles, hepatitis and meningitis has led. There are a lot of parents who have decided not to vaccinate their children, considering that this decision is the best and most suitable for their children. So what are the risks of not vaccinating children? Does it have actually side effects?
Some consider that the vaccination may cause damage in the child's brain has thus lead to injury Kaltouhd disease, stroke and other diseases. However, when you preview these cases, you must take a number of facts into account, most of the difficult genetic diseases appear in the first two years of the baby's life, these are the years that children receive the most vaccinations, which makes the blame vaccinations in causing these diseases thing very easy. However, science has proved that this is not true and that the side effects of vaccination be simple, such as:
Side effects of vaccination
- High fever after vaccination triple.
- Occurrence of rash red light after vaccination measles and chicken pox.
- Occurrence of a tumor or a topical pain at the injection site muscle.
- The emergence of pus after vaccination tuberculosis may continue for several weeks.
- Crying baby after vaccination simple time.
The consequences of non-vaccination
When comparing these side effects with the repercussions of non-vaccination, we see that fatal results. The rate of death and serious injury tethered difficult diseases infectious diseases, the death rate could be up to where sometimes one case among the 10 people become infected. So vaccination is necessary but refrain from giving children one day may lead to injury one of these infectious diseases.

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