The contact lenses some sleep, but this habit is not healthy habit are advised to stay away as many may cause inflammation of the eye if were not the type of contact lenses that can sleep where and use it to seven consecutive days and nights. Eyes in need of oxygen must be provided at least comfort her during the night, but in the case under compulsion of necessity to sleep contact lenses Here are some guidelines that must be adhered to.

- People who are forced to spend the night somewhere without taking special care Badsathm material with adhesive is recommended, to keep the lenses and sleep out rather than keep them dry, especially if they are soft.
- New types of soft lenses with a great deal of permeability for oxygen is available then can linger in the eye during sleep at night can be adopted in case you are on a short trip.
How do you worry about the cleanliness of contact lenses?
- Do not may retain the soft lenses in the water or any means other than the material their own care, as it can cause the proliferation of germs that accumulate on the lenses during the set, because the soft lenses absorb water with all the contents of the bacteria like a sponge. It is therefore worn again in the morning, it could face the risk of infections in the eye may lead to the loss of the ability to vision.
- It is best to take off the lenses at night and clean them and put them in its own solution. And preferred to use the types of lenses intended for use for a short time, as one day or two weeks or a month.
They used contact lenses properly
- Hard lenses are not affected by the drought, as happens to the soft lenses because they are saturated with fluid. But it is possible that changes shape if they are not kept in a dedicated place. Therefore, it is necessary to clean solid lenses well and sterilized in its own solution for hours before they are used again, if they are kept dry. Even solid lenses, preferred to remain in the eye and sleep out instead of keeping them dry.

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