Often devote those who fast in the holy month of Ramadan great importance to breakfast after a long interruption for food, so eating soup and power and then the main course, drinks and desserts. But what about breakfast? Is it possible to overcome the mind is important?

The importance of suhoor and rules
Should not be Taatnaswa never suhoor, or to drink only water. suhoor is the same importance of breakfast, if not more important in order to preserve the vitality and your energy during fasting. suhoor is that prevents you the sense of hunger and thirst, it also relieves headaches, dizziness or feeling too Balskl. It is important to delay the suhoor before dawn, so that the body can likelihood of fasting in the best way. Now, they discovered us what should be contained in your suhoor you:
- A source of carbohydrates, such as potatoes or rice or bread.
- Class of milk or yogurt or derivatives Kalbannh.
- Dates, which is the most useful in the prevention of thirst.
- Hot drink such as peppermint or anise.
- It could take some vegetable dish or salad vegetable varieties each individually such as tomatoes, cucumbers, mint.
- Water, at least 6 cups during suhoor.
- Stay away from sugars and pastries as much as possible because you are you will feel hungry after a short period.

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