Chest sensitivity arises in childhood and the symptoms appear first in the age of five as a result of a bacterial infection of the respiratory system and getting colds. Chest's sensitivity to the breathing passages in Alritin, making them more vulnerable to external and internal stimuli affect. So the hallways are filled with mucus and cause muscle contraction and difficulty breathing. And the sensitivity of many symptoms of chest What is it? Can it be controlled?

The reasons for the sensitivity of chest injury
sensitivity infect people as a result of some  important factors:
- Presence in the smoke-filled surroundings
- Inhaling polluted air
- Continuous stress through exercise
- Exposure to a permanent tension and pressure myself
- Neglect of symptoms of colds continuously
- Allergy animals, especially dogs or cats
- Sniffing perfumes, cleaning products on an ongoing basis
- Persistent infection with influenza, bronchitis and not to treat the symptoms
- Genetics
- Injury to obesity
Symptoms of chest Sensitivity
Include chest allergy symptoms the most prominent of several constriction Alsdr, whiz during Altnevs, feeling of shortness of breath and severe persistent cough.
Treat chest Sensitivity
The treatment according to the patient's chest and allergy-old case. It is followed medicine which includes sprays and medicines to the people extended aerobic treatment. It should follow some important steps to prevent and mitigate the sensitivity of the chest of the symptoms such as avoiding presence in places Altdechan, smoking or eating grilled foods and avoid Almqala, stay away from the vicinity of the animals and to avoid touching them and stay away from places of dust and moisture.

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