Sputum of mucus, saliva is produced by coughing consists result arrival of the mouth. Stems phlegm from the lungs is caused by a bacterial infection, or viral or fungal, and can rarely identify the reasons.

The reasons for the emergence of phlegm
- Increase in the secretion of mucus that run on lung protection and keeps the moisture in them.
- Smoking, as the smoke to enter the lungs from the mouth directly, and this smoke is loaded with more than 500 chemical compound and many of the toxic substances that enter the internal tissues and capillaries in the mouth and up to the pharynx. One of the most important and the most prominent reasons for irritation in the throat and pharynx is these toxins and secretions enter directly into the mouth, whereupon collect some secretions and cause the emergence of phlegm and severe cough and many pulmonary diseases.
The treatment of phlegm
- Eat three cups of carrot juice daily as working to clean up the patient's chest with the removal of mucus found in the human body.
- Prepare drenched guava at home by washing guava leaves in a good way and boiled in water, and then drain and drink a glass of discharged a day on an empty stomach Faihma of colds and coughs.
- Eat boiled potatoes with honey reed, and prepared suitable washing of potatoes and then peel and chop fine amount. And Soak potatoes for a period of not less than one quarter of an hour in the water on the fire, and then filtered and shown by Honey reeds, and are eating a cup of soaked day.
- A gradual move away from smoking.

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