Antibiotics work to kill or prevent the growth of germs. It is the most commonly used drugs for the treatment of most human infectious diseases, or multiples thereof. He adds science, every day, in the area of ​​new antibiotics. One of the latest discoveries, the use of some antibiotics, to achieve full recovery, of some cancerous tumors. But do children benefit from the use of these antibiotics during their illness?

Alternatives to antibiotics
Doctors warn parents of the excessive use of antibiotics in children have high temperature, because the frequent use contributes to kill the beneficial bacteria in the body of the child, and their use contributes misplaced increase in children's immunity against antibiotics. Therefore, you must reduce the antibiotics given through needles in clinics, where they are given to infants in limited cases.
Can ease the baby's temperature Emadat, remove baby clothes and taking a piece thin cloth and put it in the water by Wolf Child. In this way, we show a larger area of ​​the body of water to reduce body temperature.

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