Fish oil capsules acids omega consists of 3 main ingredient, but this oil is present in different types of fish such as Almakairel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, mullet Abu chin, and blue fish Blfush, and anchovies, sardines, herring, and trout and Almnhadden. And fish oil benefits and health damage, what is?

Benefits of Fish Oil
- The one capsule of fish oil a day reduce the number of times that a heart patient enters the hospital for treatment, fish oil also helps to improve the performance of the blood vessels and improve blood pressure.
- Reduces the incidence of diabetes rate as it contains omega-3 acid, also helps to improve blood sugar levels.
- Many doctors pregnant are advised to take an amount of fish oil, which is an important food supplement for pregnant women, and helps to fortify the immune system of the baby.
- Fish oil, which helps to resist various types of cancer and breast cancer in particular.
- Omega-3 helps to combat dry scalp, itching, dandruff and hair loss, also helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, and the provision of fatty acids to nourish the hair follicles, which helps the formation of a healthy and strong hair.
- Processing of fish oil psoriasis and skin sensitization and has been instrumental in the treatment of acne, as well as the prevention of serious sunlight helps to protect the skin. It also works on the regeneration of skin cells and unify color and softening, and helps to nail treatment.
- Works on Anti-Aging and Developmental Disorders signs, and works to strengthen the immune system.
- Fish oil works a treat macular degeneration disease, a serious problem associated with aging and can cause blindness in some cases.
- Fish oil helps to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction penis during sex as it contains Alomeona acid, which has a positive impact on increasing the fertility in men.
- The children eat quantities of fish oil increases the ability to academic achievement significantly.
The side effects of fish oil
The use of fair rates and specific doses of fish oil pills, shall be subjected to any problem is that wasteful taken without consulting a doctor, may lead to some risks, including:
- Headaches
- Vomiting and nausea
- General pains in muscles and joints
- Lack of sleep
- In some cases, may cause bleeding

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