Keep up the healthy development in the discovery of diseases and their causes process, touched a cultural symposium of the Egyptian Society of awareness to the issue of disclosure of some places face that indicate the incidence of several diseases are:
1 and 2: If you have noticed a change in the color of the skin in these areas, or patches and blisters, it means that there is a disturbance in the digestive tract, and can be overcome by eating lots of water and reduce salt and junk food.
3: If you change the color of this point, this is a sign that there is a buildup of toxins on the liver and that there are some shortcomings in its functions, and you can avoid it by eating lots of fruit and away from fat.
4 and 5: If dark circles around the eye-popping, it means the existence of drought on aggregate.
6: If fatty growths appeared difficult to remove in that region, it means failure and heart function, in this case, must refrain from harmful foods, fat and sodium intake and spices.
7 and 8: Tgerhma indicates the existence of drought or water retention, and should reduce the coffee and soda water and alcohol intake.
9 and 10: the color change in these two points indicates the digestive system, such as allergies or asthma problems, so you should stay away from smoking and eating sugars, and a lot of fresh food intake.
11 and 12: Tgerhma means that there is disorder in hormones, and the emergence of grain indicates their hormones change, so must a healthy diet, drink fluids, exercise and always wash the face.
13 and 14: These two points describes the failure of the stomach and suffering from certain diseases such as colon or constipation diseases performance, and must in that case, fruit and vegetables, fiber and grain intake.

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