Produces pronunciation for hearing, where the child listens to his surroundings and learn from it. With the end of the first year of age, the child can usually pronounce a few words. By the second year, begins to improve, and so over the years. It is necessary to pay attention to the problems of hearing and speech when the child early in order to secure the learning process with him.
Reasons for delay in pronunciation when the child
First, the child of the normal simple delay suffering, that is in preschool utter but hesitated and faulting or in the order of the words in the sentence.
Second, the lack of hearing, which is usually caused by inflammation of the middle ear frequent, which hinders the hearing and then learning delays.
Third, a child diagnosed with illnesses such as meningitis or important Abu heel.
Fourth, there are delays in the development of the child, eyeballs any mental retardation, and genetic disease, or cerebral palsy.
Fifthly, the neglect by the parents to talk with the child and not the child mixing with other children.
Tips to treat your child
Spoke with the child like a great person, and you will use the language of children after the age of a year. But do not Tgbrōh to speak, but secured him the proper situation to talk especially with pictures and stories. Tqatauh not through his words, if a mistake, and therefore do not exaggerate in the correct language mistakes. It also must have spoken with your child clearly and Reread his stories and books. But in organic pathological cases, no treatment to correct hearing.

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