Biotin or vitamin  B7 is a vitamin B complex parts, have been associated with the promotion of the benefits of this vitamin metabolism to burn body fat and carbohydrates, as well as improving the hair and nails and functions of the nervous system also health. But what are the symptoms of a lack of vitamin biotin? What are the details of health and aesthetic benefits?

Biotin deficiency and symptoms
Is not a lack of vitamin biotin of common diseases, but pregnant women, smokers and alcoholics, and patients with liver or from eating junk food greedily are most vulnerable to the lack of this vitamin from their body.
The symptoms of biotin deficiency of the body are:
- Dry eyes
- The appearance of cracks on both sides of the mouth
- The appearance of cracks in the skin
- Depression and hair loss
Health and aesthetic benefits of Biotin
Strengthen hair and nails
Despite the lack of firm evidence of the effect of biotin to stimulate hair growth, but scientists have demonstrated that biotin deficiency leads to hair loss. Many companies hair care products has proceeded to manufacture its products directly from biotin, as many experts advised to take biotin by mouth to get the best results. On the other hand, biotin helps in strengthening Alkyotichael the external layer of the nail and protect it from breakage.
Improve skin health
Biotin deficiency can lead to many problems, skin rashes, and most importantly, acne, psoriasis, skin infections and itching. B vitamin plays a vital role in the functions of the nervous system, affecting the levels of hormones, which affect the health of the skin. Therefore, the skin did not get the required doses of biotin and nutrients internally, they accumulate toxins that cause disabling the functions of the nervous system and damage the skin healthy.
Weight loss
Biotin plays a pivotal role in supporting the metabolism, as a joint Kanzim works in the digestive process, especially at the level of digestible carbohydrates. With biotin intake through diet, burn excess calories rate increases, which leads to the loss of excess weight faster.
Reduce cholesterol levels
Demonstrated that biotin plays a key role in lowering blood cholesterol. Research has confirmed that the biotin helps effectively reduce harmful LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.
Regulate blood sugar levels
Biotin intake helps to prevent diabetes, especially type II. And biotin intake with chrome element has been proven to have a greater impact. This helps to control blood sugar levels, which helps to protect diabetics from obesity.

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