Some people believe that the hands only produces heat for hot weather during the summer. But that's not because Sahaha, feeling warmly hands is a testament to a lot of organic or psychological ailments and sometimes that my health site you will be known.

Reasons hands heat
Hands temperature is a state suffering from a lot of people Azaaaja, cause redness and Hriqana in the hands, which arise for the following reasons:
- Increased secretion of thyroid
- Diabetes
- Fungal infection
- Menstrual and hormonal changes interruption
- Infection inflammation of the nerves
- The high proportion of uric acid in the blood
- Low potassium in the body
- Anxiety and depression
In addition to other reasons which are as follows:
- Kidney failure, which causes heartburn as a result of the accumulation of toxins in the body
- Injury Petrak fat around the liver.
- Hypothyroidism, which include a strong heat Alidan, itchy hands and redder.
- Tunnel syndrome heel bone which is caused by compression of nerves hand, foot and Hrarh, cause numbness and pain.
- Excessive eating Alekhol, which leads to the feeling of a warm and numbness in limbs, too.
The cure
If you feel warmly hands Bashkl, overly should consult a doctor who performs laboratory analyzes to detect the main reason leading to the heat. After confirming Alhalh, doctor prescribes medical treatment which includes allocated to each illness or ointments medicines in case of injury fungi. Nor should never neglect your hands because the temperature evolution can be very dangerous and cause many complications.

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