Drinking water with food is one of the habits that many people resort to rely on. However, scientists have often disagreed on whether they are harmful or beneficial to the human body. While some studies found that this is not considered dangerous to the human body because the body is able to rebalance it, others suggest that there are many damages to drink water with eating, and this is what we will give you in this subject.


Damage to drinking water with eating

There are many damage caused by drinking water with eating on health, including:


- Mitigation of gastric juices: Doctors confirm that the stomach contains acids acids digestion and distribution of food, and is responsible for killing the causes of infection as well as grinding the food by the work of contractions, so when this dilute the juice with water leads to stagnation digestion , Food stays in the stomach longer, slowing down the passage into the intestines.


The saliva is the first and essential step in digestion because it contains enzymes that help to break down food. The stomach stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes. Therefore, drinking water during the food causes saliva to digest, making digestion more difficult.


- Acidity: The intake of water while eating food is one of the main reasons for the problem of persistent attacks of acidity because water leads to relief of gastric juices and thus to digestion and decrease the secretion of enzymes that help digestion.


- Increase insulin: Drinking water during eating can increase the levels of insulin in the body, because the body may not be able to digest food well and thus convert part of it into glucose, and stored as fat, and requires increasing the proportion of insulin in the body to deal with the amount of excess glucose .


- Not losing weight: Drinking water during meals may be one of the reasons that hinder

The process of losing weight, where the poor performance of the digestive system, which drink water is one of its causes one of the things that lead to weight gain.

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