Sleep disorders of children cause  a big embarrassment for the parents to find out what causes insomnia, whether caused by organic or psychological factors. 

The causes of sleep disorders of children
There are several factors that lead to sleep disorders of children, most notably:
1. psychological factors such as fear of the dark, thinking of concern for the child to separate from his parents. In addition to internal conflicts, which include excessive movement during extrusion Alnom, Alargel, waving Baldhiraa, kicking the blankets and gnashing of teeth. All these signs contribute to awaken the child from sleep and caused him great annoyance.
2. nightmares or , horror night that result in screaming accompanied with 
terror, Sweating, rigidity in facial expressions and difficulty in breathing.

3. speak during sleep, which hinders sleep, especially when crying,  angry or threatened.
4. Organic problems such as high temperature or difficulty swallowing or pain caused by injury or trauma.
Alleviate sleep disorders
The parents should be some steps to make the baby sleep more calm and comfort, such as:
- The use of bedding Atria, flexible and comfortable to avoid bone pain and cramps.
- Attention to the colors used in Algrfah, so it's better selection and pale pastel colors instead of strong colors. In addition to easing the decorations in their rooms because that Witr child in the dark and makes it more fearful.
- Secure calm in the vicinity of the bedroom and avoid loud noise and sounds that can hinder a child sleep and wake up in a panic to make it.
- Proper ventilation of the room because the self-insurance requires a certain between oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.
- Choose appropriate story for children that live forever before to sleep because they have been to their dreams.
- Put the dim lighting in the room, especially if the child is afraid of the dark.
- Do not let them drink before bedtime Mbacrh, because it increases the diuresis and lead to woken up several times at night.

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