During pregnancy, it is natural to extend and increase in abdominal size occurs, leading to cracks under the skin pigmentation and color and its transformation into a dark color, with the appearance of lines and cracks, which is called Bklv pregnancy. And completely prevents the use of any chemical compounds during pregnancy, even for Ataatserb through the skin and reach the fetus.
Tips to get rid of cracks
First, Grease and lightly moist skin of your abdomen natural nourishing oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil.
Second, eat proteins because they nourish the skin. Eat and islands, where it is useful because it contains vitamin A is essential for the skin, as well as foods that contain vitamins, especially vitamin C and d.
Thirdly, Make holder of the abdomen of a spoonful of honey, a cup of milk and half a cup of rose water. Grease lightly skin in the abdominal area, then wipe the area wet towels with lukewarm water, then warm water and soap bathing your pet. Beware of frequent showers in the winter months or taking colds.
Fourth, Light Exercise during pregnancy and Siri quietly, it relieves a lot of stress, and makes the skin soft and moist.
Fifthly, mix a quarter cup of glycerin with a quarter cup of lemon drops of rose water juice. Stratified on your stomach after a shower, because it is generally benefit your skin and dark skin especially.

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