Some infected children, especially egg allergy, although this allergy symptoms vary in severity from an infected to another and from one time to another, knowing that most children with these allergies Ataktonha before the age of adolescence, but it may persist for some people.


- The emergence of symptoms of inflammatory or skin rash, and is the most common symptoms of this exhibitor against this fumbling.
- Nasal allergies.
- Infection with symptoms related to the digestive system, including colic, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.
- Symptoms and signs of infection similar to asthma, including coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Serious Life symptoms

- Tightness in the airways, through the occurrence of certain changes in the body, including the throat swelling or be block it, which leads to great difficulty in breathing.
- Feeling severe pain in the abdomen and Mgsat.
- Accelerated pulse.
- Severe drop in blood pressure, leading to the patient feeling dizzy and could lose consciousness.

The treatment of allergies to eggs

- It is necessary to see a doctor on the subject of allergies to eggs if you find no matter how simple, as the severity vary from one time to another, which means that if they were simple in many times, it may mutate into highly in other times.
- In the event of serious injury to the patient's symptoms to life, the patient is injected from the injection Alabenefrain and transferred immediately to the nearest emergency department.
- Has yet to discover a cure or a protective egg allergy, but there are certain medications that relieve symptoms and signs if they occur, including anti-histamine medications.


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