In pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to take care of their food and avoid eating foods that can harm their health and their fetal health, such as raw or poorly cooked foods. It is also recommended to rely on a healthy diet based on a lot of vegetables and fruits, given the rich vitamins and essential elements. However, there are several types of fruit that a pregnant woman can not eat because they are harmful during pregnancy. Here is a list of these fruits and their complications on the health of your pregnancy.
Peach contains a high percentage of iron, protein, sugar, zinc and pectin, which can be very useful to you and your teeth, but the peach and barley may lead to the stiffness and irritation of your throat. Its ability to raise body temperature makes it an unsafe and dangerous food that threatens the pregnant with bleeding. Do not exaggerate it.
Doctors warn pregnant women to eat too much peach because, like peaches, it can raise the body heat and cause the rash rash, and expose her fetus to danger.
Eating guava, especially non-peeled, can cause diarrhea for pregnant women, given their high amount of fiber. Diarrhea is not good for pregnant women because it weakens and causes irritation. So guava fruit should be consumed rationally.
Pineapple is rich in bromelain, a substance that breaks down the protein that a child needs, so pineapple can cause bleeding and miscarriage. Bromelain helps to stimulate uterine contractions, which can lead to premature birth.
Papaya contains a substance called latex that can be harmful to pregnancy. Research has shown that the high concentration of this substance in the body can cause uterine contractions, and may lead to abortion. So it is best to avoid eating immature papaya, or even semi-mature during pregnancy. Eat moderately mature papaya to avoid any damage.
No studies prove those findings, and it remains necessary and safe, consult your doctor about the consumption of those types of fruits.

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