What Causes Sleep Disorders? Today, through this article, we will give you the reasons behind it as well as the appropriate solutions.


Causes of runny saliva during sleep

One of the causes of sleepy saliva is sleeping on one side constantly. Sleeping on the side causes the person to open his mouth and push the saliva on the pillow instead of swallowing. These are the most common causes of saliva during sleep. On the other hand we can talk about sinusitis which leads to difficulty swallowing and breathing and this leads to runny saliva during sleep due to clogged nose. Acidity or GERD may be a cause of excessive secretion of saliva in the mouth as it stimulates the production of gastric acid into the esophagus. Tonsillitis as allergies or poisoning are other reasons behind the runny saliva during sleep. Inflammation of the gums as congenital defect in the mouth may lead to runny saliva during sleep. Taking some medications or suffering from neurological disorders also leads to sleepy salivation.


How to Avoid Runny Saliva During Sleep

Sleep can be started on the back because this helps leak saliva to the back of the throat and lead to dry mouth. The head can be put in bed at night and the vertical position of the head contributes to the prevention of saliva during sleep. Nasal breathing is recommended along with deep breathing exercises to improve breathing patterns and control and treat stress. Antihypertensives Serve sinuses and help them to open and breathe through the nose and thus avoid salivation of saliva during sleep.

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