Shook the child is the first thing that comes to mind when crying so restless. I'm not alone here. The majority of mothers resort to this bad habit, oblivious to what might be caused by the gravity of the baby. Tabaana in this article, do you recognize the damage and dangers of shaking a baby.


How it affects shaking a baby?

Baby severely affected as a result of shaking, strong Vhzh one enough that the exposure to the risk of death, due to the weakness of the neck muscles and the large size of the head. It makes the violent shaking of the baby's head moves randomly and strongly, causing brain collision skull, Vtaatqta tiny blood vessels and lead to internal bleeding in the brains of the child. It shook the child as well as causing internal bleeding in the retina, leading to damage to the functions of the eye, and damage sometimes up to total loss of sight. The biggest complications can occur, it is a torn ligament and paragraphs child's neck, and the occurrence of damage in the spinal cord and nerves.


As well as, during the shaking, the pressure on the chest of a child, causing fractures in the sides of the ribcage. Statistics show that 75% of children who died due to violent shaking, they have badly wounded in the neck and spinal cord.


What are the dangers of shaking a child?

Risks arising from the shaking of the child are summarized as follows:


- Death


- Brain damage


- Epilepsy


- Paralysis


- Delays in walking


- Mental retardation


- Growth retardation


- Occurrence of behavioral problems and learning problems


- Loss of sight


Symptoms may not be the phenomenon sometimes Kalkdmat or bleeding or swelling, it may be difficult to diagnose the condition. But Hack some signs that appear on the child, Kaltmlml, loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, loss of appetite, refused lactation, nausea and vomiting, indicate that the child is suffering from a serious problem.

Always remember that a moment of anger and one from you or one of your child care providers, due to severe crying, you may Tvkdk control and make you a captive syndrome shook the child, who could lose his life.

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